Seth Campbell - Operating Partner

Equipped with a massive vision, passion for leadership and growing others, and unwavering faith, Seth Campbell is pioneering real estate industry’s evolution.  

Less than a decade ago, and after a successful career as a regional executive for the McDonald’s Corporation, Seth came into real estate as a licensed agent with a sole purpose of building a business using proven models, systems, and tools.  Within 3 years, Seth Campbell Realty Group was a self-sustaining sales team with over 200 annual transactions.

Seth’s results within the real estate sales arena combined with his outspoken leadership within the real estate community earned him the opportunity to become the Regional Director for KWRI in Maryland/DC in 2012. In just four years under Seth’s leadership, the region grew by over 150%  in number of associates, by over 600% in owner profit, and by over 500% in profit share.

Underneath these amazing accomplishments, Seth, who is a real estate agent at heart, has a strong desire to create generational wealth for real estate professionals all over the country.  In 2013, he started the Five Doors Network - currently the largest real estate sales expansion team that currently has over 40 associates in eight locations all over the United states.

In 2014, Seth became the Operating Partner of Keller Williams Legacy in Pikesville, MD.  Under his leadership and equipped with the mission of transforming lives through real estate, Legacy grew to over 250 associates in 18 months to become the fastest growing Market Center in the region and in the top three in the world.  In 2015, Seth founded Campbell Capital that focuses on providing financing for medium sized real estate projects and technology businesses.

Seth is one of the most sought out instructors on team building, leadership, and wealth creation in the world.  He is a member of the coveted Keller Williams Master Faculty, a certified Career Visioning and QL instructor, and a MAPS Coach.

Originally from Florida, he now resides with his wife and three children in Carroll County, Maryland.