What is Productivity Coaching and How Will It Help Me Grow My Business?


The Productivity Coaching Program is designed for agents (new and experienced) who choose to succeed at a high level and get into production immediately. Our mission is to empower you to build a successful business through guidance, support, training, and accountability, resulting in you capping on your commissions in your first year.

PC provides the systems, models, tools, and training that get you into production quickly:

  • Lead generation, Lead Follow-Up and Lead Conversion Training
  • Sales Skills (Listing and Buyer presentations, Negotiations, Closing techniques)
  • Scripts and Dialogues (What to say to prospects, including objection handlers)
  • Database building (How to have a big list of Mets, Sphere of Influence, and Past Clients)
  • Scheduling and Running your Business like a Business (Time Blocking & Prioritization)
  • Technology (Setup and support with KW tech staff & Agent Services)
  • Developing your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
  • Tracking your Numbers (You can’t improve what you do not measure!)


Weekly 60-minute coaching/mastermind sessions based on KW models and top performer experience. These sessions are designed to address and overcome challenges, brainstorm ideas and solutions, and experience a community of support, encouragement and accountability.

Weekly Group Coaching Schedule:

  • Tuesdays 11am-12pm: Advancing Agents (4+ Transactions Closed)
  • Tuesdays 6-7pm: Dual Career Agents
  • Thursdays 11am-12pm: Launching Agents (Under 4 Transactions Closed)


Monthly 30-minute coaching sessions at the invitation of the Career Development Coach. To qualify, agent must complete IGNITE, all homework assignments, the “Daily 10-4”, attend group coaching regularly, take BOLD at least once after IGNITE, & track numbers on the tracking chart.


What's the difference between a coach & a mentor?
Coaching & mentoring are very different. Mentoring is a short term relationship with a single objective to teach a skill. Mentors typically have no formal training. In contrast, your coach develops a long term relationship which is driven by helping one achieve goals. A coach's primary goals are to increase individual awareness, to target behaviors that empower, and to keep the client focused & on track toward goals. A coach will assist the client in developing action plans & provide accountability.

What are characteristics of a great coach?
A coach believes every client is great & treats them with respect. A coach expects the best of every client & if they are not doing their best, they will ask them to. A coach will educate and be candid with the client. A coach will listen intently. A coach will move a client through limiting belief and self-defeating behaviors.

Meet Jonathan Kirk - KW Legacy's Director of Productivity Coaching

To attend a group coaching session, request a 1-1 coaching session, or learn more about the program, call Jon at 443.928.4550 or click here to email him now!