Fast Track Your Career with our Productivity Coaching Program!

Our Productivity Coaching Program is designed for agents (both new and experienced) who choose to succeed at a high level and get into production.

Our mission is to empower you to build a successful business through guidance, support, training, and accountability, resulting in you
capping on your commissions in your first year with our company and earning 100% of every dollar you generate.

PC provides the systems, models, tools, and training that get you into production quickly:

Lead generation, Lead Follow-Up and Lead Conversion Training
Sales Skills - Listing and Buyer presentations, Negotiations, Closing techniques
Scripts and Dialogues - What to say to prospects, including objection handlers
Database building - How to have a big list of Mets, Sphere of Influence, and Past Clients
Scheduling and Running your Business like a Business - Time Blocking & Prioritization
Technology - Leveraging your free KW tech to the very fullest and outwitting your competition
Developing your Unique Value Proposition
Tracking your Numbers - You can’t improve what you do not measure!

Weekly 60-minute coaching/mastermind sessions based on KW models and top performer experience. These sessions are designed to address and overcome challenges, brainstorm ideas and solutions, and experience a community of support, encouragement and accountability.

Please contact our coaches directly for their group coaching schedule -
Rosie Marick for Legacy (Pikesville) and Legacy West (Westminster) and Mary Muth for Legacy Central (Timonium)

Monthly 30-minute coaching sessions at the invitation of the Career Development Coach. To qualify, agent must complete IGNITE, all homework assignments, the “Daily 10-4”, attend group coaching regularly, take BOLD at least once after IGNITE, & track numbers on the tracking chart.

What's the difference between a coach & a mentor?
Coaching & mentoring are very different. Mentoring is a short term relationship with a single objective to teach a skill. Mentors typically have no formal training. In contrast, your coach develops a long term relationship which is driven by helping one achieve goals. A coach's primary goals are to increase individual awareness, to target behaviors that empower, and to keep the client focused & on track toward goals. A coach will assist the client in developing action plans & provide accountability.

What are characteristics of a great coach?
A coach believes every client is great & treats them with respect. A coach expects the best of every client & if they are not doing their best, they will ask them to. A coach will educate and be candid with the client. A coach will listen intently. A coach will move a client through limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors.

To attend a group coaching session, request a 1-1 coaching session, or learn more about the program, call us at 443.660.9229 or click here to email us.