Take This Wake-Up Call as a Chance to Grow With Our Market

A shift is on its way, but, with the right preparation and mindset, you can take this change in our market as an opportunity for growth and success.

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Recently, while reviewing some recent numbers from our real estate market, I noticed something interesting.

Between May and June of this year, there was a shift in the number of listings being taken by our local real estate community. Between those two months, the number of listings taken actually decreased by 10.9%.

This statistic is significant because it’s a leading indicator of our market’s overall condition. Usually, the number of listings between May and June is fairly static or even shows a slight increase.

Yet people who have been selling homes for any period of time know that we’ve been in a somewhat uncertain market as of late. Some homes go on the market and sell immediately while others sit on the market for a long time, something I like to call turbulence, and this unpredictability tends to signal an impending shift.

When decreases greater than 10% start popping up like what we saw this year between May and June, this is another sign that a shift is on its way. The bottom line is this: We are seeing legitimate, measurable signs of a market shift.


"It’s better to be ahead of the wave than to be hit by it."

Nevertheless, market shifts are not always negative. A market shift presents opportunities for agents who are purposeful and business-minded. These agents will come out far ahead of the rest once the shift has passed.

It’s when you aren’t aware of the coming shift and don’t seize this opportunity that problems arise. It’s better to be ahead of the wave than to be hit by it. This is exactly why the Keller Williams book “Shift” is so valuable. Written during the last major market shift we experienced, this book serves as a guide on how to not only survive a market shift, but to thrive during one.

Controlling the number of listings taken will be your key to controlling your business’ success while faced with a significantly changing market. To make sure you’re able to do this, I’ll be covering tactics for listing with leads, creating more listing leads, taking more listings, selling the listings you already have, and more. All so that you know precisely how to bulletproof your business.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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