Tactic 4 From Gary Keller’s Shift: “Messaging That Gets Results”

Today we’re diving into the fourth tactic from Gary Keller’s book, “Shift.”

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Today we’ll be looking deeper into the fourth chapter of Gary Keller’s book, “Shift.” This section is all about using messaging that gets results. Here’s what we’re taught.

1. Stop doing what doesn’t work. Take a step back and see what works in terms of prospecting, marketing, and lead generation. You want to see a direct return on investment, so if there’s anything that doesn’t show results, it’s time to get rid of it. See where your time is being wasted, whether it’s through internet leads, ineffective technology, and related time sinks.

2. Master your messaging and your method.
You want to match your market, first by determining what that market is. For many, their database is who they want to market to. Once you have your audience decided, you want your message to match market situations. Make sure you’re up to date with current trends before you reach out with your messages.

3. Make an offer.
For every message you send, you need to include both a direct and indirect offer, called offer-response messaging. A direct offer gets an immediate response for buying or selling services, while an indirect offer gets you a response for other things. This indirect offer, though not an immediate sale, opens the door for a future relationship. In your message, tell them to contact you to buy or sell, but also tell them you can answer questions, provide information, or get them in touch with contractors, inspectors, etc.

"This indirect offer, though not an immediate sale, opens the door for a future relationship."

In summary, you want to find your target audience, build your message around market conditions, and make your direct and indirect offers. You want to include a call to action to make sure they get in touch with you immediately.

If you need any help with your messaging strategy or don’t know if it’s working properly, reach out to me. We can go over what you’re doing and make sure you’re creating the most effective messages you can. I look forward to hearing from you.

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