Final Four, 36 Touch, Campaign, Cards Final Four, 36 Touch, Campaign, Cards

Our Final 4 Touches of The Campaign

Our final four “touches” of the 36 Touch campaign are ready to be revealed and we think that you’ll have a lot of fun with these.

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My video blog today is about using cards and promotional items for your 36 Touch campaign. For a thorough breakdown of the 36 Touch campaign, where you have constant contact with clients throughout the year, you can watch my video about it here.

I previously talked about other “touches” which included 26 video emails every year to your database of clients, four calls, and two client events. This is already 32 touches.

The final four should be two cards and two promotional items. The value of the cards and items is much greater because they are tangible items as opposed to digital. This is a total pattern interruption for people who are constantly getting information from emails and social media feeds.

Since everything is so digital-based, I believe that it is important to make sure that these physical things are in your touch campaign.

To accomplish this part of the campaign, you will need the mailing addresses of everyone in your database. This ties back to the calls we discussed previously. I can call and ask for current addresses as a touch.

Two cards a year means you can really do anything you want. I recommend birthday cards and holiday cards.

To get the birthdays, I have a practice of adding this information to the database when I speak with the clients on the phone. Once we have the information, we send handwritten birthday cards.

"The value of the cards and items is much greater because they are tangible items as opposed to digital. "
The other card should be some type of holiday card. This is something where you can have fun and be creative. You could stick with a traditional holiday like Christmas or New Year's, which works well by helping you stand out compared to other cards at this time of the year. Or, maybe do a different holiday altogether such as Thanksgiving, which is what my team has been doing for the last few years because I like the idea of getting that one touch in before the end of the year and before they get a ton of cards from other people. You could even choose something entirely different like St. Patrick’s Day or National Pie Day.

To make it even more personal, you could not do a card and instead write a personal note to the people in your database. Whatever you choose, remember it is for you to stand out so your clients don't forget you.

For the promotional item, have fun with it! I think they are an interesting, relevant way to keep your name and your brand in front of people.

In my case, our database is large enough that I want promotional items that I can mail to people and not need to deliver just because it is the easiest way to ensure it gets delivered.

We've had a lot of success with doing small refrigerator magnets. A calendar is a great choice if you want something that has long-term staying power. We developed a magnet that had seasonal homecare tips with different things you need to do to take care of your home each season. We also did some that had kitchen tips and measurement conversions.

If you're not keen on the idea of fridge magnets, you could always deliver pens or water bottles. We have a partnership with the SPCA and have even had dog bandanas made that mentioned the Beliveau Group on them. People could post their pictures of their dogs or cats online in the bandana to show off their pets.

If you have any questions about how to use cards and promotional items or any real estate questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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