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Maximize the Outcome of Your Database with the 36 Touch System

The 36 Touch system is a method you can use to increase your return on your database and create repeat business. Find out what those 36 touches are here.

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Have you ever heard of something called the “36 Touch?”

If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s a Keller Williams philosophy, system, and model for creating repeat and referral business that is predictable and consistent. I’m uniquely qualified to talk about this, as I’ve built a top-producing real estate team with up to $50 million in annual volume. The vast majority of that business came through the 36 Touch system.

I’m passionate about getting businesses involved with the 36 Touch model. When it comes to implementing the system, there are pitfalls that people come across along the way. One of these is getting ready to get ready, also known as “paralysis by analysis.” People sometimes tend to overanalyze a situation instead of getting into action.

What we know in real estate is that there are typically two real estate agents that are top-of-mind for any consumer out there. The job for us real estate professionals is to always be among those top two so that when it comes time for clients to be buying or selling real estate or making a referral, they will remember you.

"The 36 Touch is really a training protocol that will let people know that you’re in real estate, that you’re good at it, and that you work by referral."

The 36 Touch is really a training protocol. It will let people know that you’re in real estate, that you’re good at it, and that you work by referral. They are 36 items you’ll need to carry out per year:

•  26: The first 26 touches are videos, meaning that you should be sending out videos to your database every other week via email, text, social media, or a blend of all of them. If you’re sending out emails without videos, they won’t be effective.
•  4: Call your database every single quarter of the year.
•  2: Plan to host two client appreciation events per year. I can tell you how to do so at very little cost, with little planning and organization needed
•  2: Send two cards per year. I recommend birthday cards and holiday cards.
•  2: Create two promotional items per year, things with your name, information, logo, and colors on them. They should be eye-catching and memorable so that people will be reminded of you when they see it.

Studies show that when you implement the 36 Touch system at a decent level, you’ll receive a 10% return on your database. So imagine that if you have a goal to do 30 transactions in a year, you would need 10 times as many people in your database to do all of that business from your database at little to no cost.

Since you now know how to create a business plan, you know how many homes you need to sell, do you have the correlating number of people in your database?

In my next few videos, I’ll teach you how to get the right number of people in your database and how to execute these touches at a professional level that stands out, retains clients, brings referrals, and more.

If you have any questions or feedback about the 36 Touch system, feel free to reach out to me, and stay tuned for my future videos.

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