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Generate Consistent Leads With the Lead Generation Model

Having a lead generation model will help you build on a foundation of creating a referral and sphere of influence based business.

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If you watched my first video, I left off with how to create a business plan that takes you from the end of how much money you want to make to the very beginning of the process, which is how many appointments you need to go on with sellers.

The natural question that arises for every real estate agent after that is, “How am I going to do that consistently?” Agents have to deal with many challenges, including fluctuation of seasonality, market changes, and political changes, that affect how many appointments they need to go on with sellers. A lot of the different agents that come to me for consulting tell me they don’t feel like they have control over their business and they don’t know where their next lead will come from.

I can say from experience that this isn’t a fun place to be, which is why I’m on a mission to help as many agents as possible to have their business and lead generation be predictable and sustainable. The way to do that is the lead generation model.

The lead generation model is having a system and plan for where all of your business will come from and knowing the specific actions you need to take to create that business. If you’ve been in real estate for even a minute, you’ve probably discovered that there are many ways to generate a lead, whether that means building a database, working by referral, networking, cold calling, door knocking, internet advertising, social media, etc.

All of those things work, and some work better for different people, but what works best is when you start with one thing and do it consistently. You don’t need to be at a level of mastery with that one thing, but if you imagined yourself as a student, you’d want to give yourself at least a “B” for that lead generation tactic before you tackle a whole bunch of other things.

Many agents come to me stressed out and frustrated because they’re doing multiple tactics at once and not getting results. I’m here to say that it’s okay to do only one thing and do it well. A few qualities that help with that are patience, a model and/or system to work off of, and an accountability person to help you stay on that track, whether that’s a coach, colleague, or someone who’s committed to your success. The reality is, as human beings, we get distracted and disillusioned when things don’t work quickly enough, and having someone who can keep you on track is invaluable. One of the best things I ever did as a new real estate agent was get a coach right away.
"It’s okay to do only one thing and do it well."
One concept we talk about all the time at Keller Williams is who you are marketing to. Is it people you know or people you don’t know yet? There are different conversion rates and metrics necessary for both sides. In my experience and the experience of the most successful agents I know throughout the country, the foundation of their businesses are typically built on people they know, meaning people they’ve met and have some kind of relationship with. From there, you can build on a foundation of creating a referral and sphere of influence based business.

In my next video, I’ll discuss how you can set that up in a way that’s not overwhelming and anyone can do with literally no budget or any out-of-pocket expenses. That type of process will produce an exponential return and give you a way to do business with people you really like.

In the meantime, if you’re in business already, look at where your business is coming from and write down all the sources of business and how many transactions came from those sources. Many times, this can be surprising for agents to see where their business is actually coming from. From there, we can help you build your foundation.

If you have any other questions about lead generation models or you have a request for a future topic you’d like me to address, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you.

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