Continuing Tactic 4 From Gary Keller’s Shift: “Your Message Needs a Method”

Being a successful real estate agent means knowing what messaging methods to use and when.

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Today we’ll be looking deeper into the fourth chapter of Gary Keller’s book, “Shift.” This section is all about using methods for your messaging. Here’s what we’re taught:

    • Diversification.
    • When we go into a market shift, things become riskier. It’s often advised to diversify our methods to make sure we aren’t too reliant on a few things.

    • Prospecting and marketing.
    • These are the main areas where business comes from, but most agents choose to only focus on one. Prospecting is making contact with people, and marketing is people making contact with you. Research shows the most successful agents do both, using systems in place for each. They have the ability to diversify and grow, which is necessary because what worked in the market a year ago may not work today.

  • Cost and speed.
  • If we’re looking at prospecting, we’re mainly looking at a cost of time instead of money. This is the most important thing to focus on if your business is seeing less money come in. Marketing is great because we can’t exactly call thousands of people each day, but we can certainly email them. However, there are often monetary costs involved in marketing.
"What worked in the market a year ago may not work today."

The book includes a list of options we can use to diversify our messaging methods; I’d be more than happy to share these options with you. Once you have decided on your new methods, it’s time to follow through. Don’t be afraid to learn on the go—study and implement your messaging techniques as you work to diversify interactions with potential clients.

If you need any help in evaluating your messaging strategy or don’t know if it’s working properly, reach out to me. We can go over what you’re doing and make sure you’re pursuing the best options possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

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