Careers - Executive Leadership Team

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Keller Williams Legacy's Executive Leadership Team exits to support our agents in building their real estate businesses through use of KW's proven systems, models, and technology tools.  We're an agent-centric company that is owned by agents, is run by agents, for our agents!

Roles on the Executive Leadership Team:

Team Leader

This person is a top producer and has a track record of leadership. They have risen to the top of leadership positions in every area of their business, career, and personal life. They are dynamic, attractive, and highly impressive. They are highly assertive, passionate, people-oriented individuals who operate with high urgency. They have strong communication skills and naturally connect with others. When people who know them describe them, they point to their energy and passion as their most dominant characteristics. 

Team Leader's burning desire is to build the dominant real estate company in their market and they possess a strong desire to have a position where they lead and influence others.

Market Center Administrator (MCA)

The MCA leads the Market Center staff in designing and implementing powerful support and operational systems that empower associate businesses. They are proven leaders in strategic and financial decision making. They ensure appropriate bookkeeping and accounting systems are accurately maintained, complete weekly soft closes, and assess Company Dollar daily. MCA owns Market Center profitability and understands that increasing revenue through growth in market share unlimits their opportunity.

Assistant Market Center Administrator

The Assistant MCA must understand that to run effectively and efficiently, a Market Center must tend to its associates’ needs in such a way that they (the associates) are receiving the expected level of service and remain satisfied with the level of service provided by the Market Center. The Assistant MCA will be involved with clerical, administrative, agent receivables, and managerial parties on an ongoing daily basis. They will also be tasked with supporting the MCA and agents.

The Assistant MCA will have job-specific skills that minimally include experience in accurate banking and/or accounting services, computerized bookkeeping and general computer experience, and excellent administrative skills. They must be task oriented, detail oriented, calm under pressure with some project management experience, general office skills, and purchasing knowledge.

Productivity Coach

The Productivity Coach is a top producer and a recognized leader with high integrity and a track record of business success. This individual is driven, yet compassionate. They exhibit a take-charge, results-oriented approach to situations and goals, yet also relish seeing others achieve.  Productivity Coach will consult with associates to uncover their goals, coach them on the actions necessary to achieve those goals, and then hold them accountable to taking the necessary actions.

Productivity Coaches should be highly skilled in holding others accountable, and should have a rich knowledge base of what to hold others accountable to. They view learning as the foundation of their action plan and have a KW MAPS Coach to hold them accountable to achieving their results.  They naturally exhibit the WI4C2TS belief system in their dealings with others. They are authentic leaders. They delight in knowing that they have attained success when the associates in their coaching program—and in their Market Center—succeed.

Agent Services Coordinator

The Agent Services Coordinator must be able to handle a wide range of responsibilities. The right person for this position will be friendly and outgoing with a strong desire to help and serve others. The Agent Services Coordinator will assist the Team Leader with agent intake and exit processes and be seen as the go-to person for all the agents within the Market Center. This person should be a self-starter that is comfortable taking charge with little to no supervision. The Agent Services Coordinator must be able move with a sense of urgency to ensure they take care of their agent’s needs in a timely manner.

Technology Coordinator

Technology can be difficult for many people, and having a Technology Coordinator that gets along with agents and your staff will make it much easier for everyone. They should be able to build relationships with people in the office and be part of the team.  The Technology Coordinator plays a supporting role in the office and should achieve success by helping and empowering other people.

They must have a solid base in technology, and have training and/or extensive prior experience with computer networks, phone systems, software, and office technology. If they don’t impress you with what they know how to do, they probably aren’t good enough.  The Technology Coordinator must know how to get the job done and stay on track. Since they will most likely be working on projects while handling requests for support and assistance, they will need to be task focused in order to complete their work.

Market Center Coordinator (MCC)

The MCC will be responsible for the appearance of the Market Center common areas.  They will ensure the office is neat and prepared for business. The Call Coordinator will need to have a relationship-based attitude as a result of the associate being the customer with an understanding that the agent associates will seek them because the associate likes the individual and are swayed by enthusiasm.  MCC acts as the Director of First Impressions for the Market Center. They will greet everyone with a smile and warmth as they enter the office. They will be as helpful as possible without neglecting the phones.

Compliance Coordinator

The Compliance Coordinator will be responsible for timely review of contract documents to ensure the Brokerage and its associates are practicing in a legally sound manner with the highest of integrity.  In this role, the Compliance Coordinator will review contract submissions, notify associates of needed corrections, and maintain data integrity inside the Dotloop platform.  The Compliance Coordinator will interface regularly with associates, the Broker of Record and the Market Center Administrator to successfully carry out the role. 

To submit your candidacy for any of these roles or to learn more, please email your resume to